Design Mentorship Program

Design Mentorship Program

Boost your career and become a better designer
As a self-thought designer with years of experience in multinational organization, I deeply understand the challenges product design learners could face so I’m able to help them achieve their goals at different stages of careers. In this mentorship program, I will provide professional advice based on your needs, help you to clarify problems and set goals, and address them systematically. In the past three years, I have helped more than 50 designers from more than 10 countries around the world to achieve their career goals.  They have better performance on projects and start to influence their team.
About the program

What's mentor?

Mentor is a person who gives guidance provides their expertise. Mentors usually have deep knowledge and experience in a specific field, and have more experience in the workplace or learning journey than their mentees. So we have more ideas on how to help mentees break through their bottlenecks in learning and career.

Why do I need a mentor?

Oftentimes, designers are the minority in a team, and there are not always seniors people or peers around to support you and learn from. So when you encounter a complex problems or something you’ve have not experienced before, you often feel stuck. This is where Mentor can help you break through the blind spots and accelerate your growth!

In this program, I can help you with

Portfolio Review

Help to structure and glorify your case study so that your story can be more compelling.

Resume Review

Review your resume to ensure the information is well-structured and eye-catching.

Mock Interview

Simulate a real interview with you, so you can be more confident on presenting your project and be comfortable answering any questions

Project Consultation

When you stuck on a project, I can provide suggestions and advice and help you get clarity on the next step

Career Coach

Help you to plan mid to long-term career goals, and provide direction and guidance toward them

Tool Tutorial

Help you quickly get familiar with UI/Web design and key tooling such as Figma and Webflow

Choose the plan that suits you
1 Session


Initial Consultation

Not sure if this Mentorship program is right for you? Or you have many questions to be answered? Book a 30-minute consultation with me to find out!

3 Sessions


Job Hunting

Are you looking for a job? Let me help you polish your portfolio and formulate an interview strategy to increase the chance of landing a job!

Expire after 2 months


USD 240


Book a session now


6 Sessions



Do you want to keep growing? Let me help you set your goals and move toward them step by step!

Expire after 3 months

💜 Bonus: Exclusive mentee group


USD 450


Book a session now
12 Sessions


Career Coach

Do you have a long-term career vision? Or you want to have more impact in your current job? Let me help you move faster!

Expire after 6 months

💜 Bonus: Exclusive mentee group


USD 840


Book a session now
Before booking a session

1. Please make sure to provide detailed information and descriptions before book the session, so that I can understand your background before we begin and make our conversation more efficient.

2. Please ensure to provide detailed personal information and descriptions before making an appointment, so that I can understand your background before we begin and make our conversation more efficient.

3. Please show up on time for the session and make sure the audio and video settings are working properly before the session starts.

4. What can I do if I can't make it? No problem, cancellations or changes should be made 24 hours prior to the interview, no refunds will be given for late cancellations.