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Hey, I’m Simon. Nice to meet you!

I'm a Lead UX/Product Designer with 8 years of industry experience including Fintech, Travel, Education, Esports & Gaming, Job Search, and SaaS tool. I was born and raised in Taiwan and currently living in Sydney, Australia.

I'm obsessed with creating a delightful user experience that also achieves business goals. With specialized in multi-fields of design, I can practically convert abstract ideas to feasible deliverables. I’m also user-centric and strive to bring value to the people who use the product. I enjoy being a designer so that I can make a positive impact on the world.

In my free time, I like making videos, writing articles, cooking Taiwanese foods, and snowboarding in winder. I always get inspired by things I love and apply them to my design.

My values
Be a good human

As a designer, we need to be able to empathize with others and work with different types of people. Especially we should be open when communicating with teammates, which will take you to the same vision and goal.

Keep learning & sharing

Designers are facing various challenges and we need to provide the right solutions, so keep learning and leveling up your specialty is very crucial. When we are capable to solve complex problems, we can greatly help people who're struggling with a similar situation by sharing our experience.

Create values

I believe in the principle of "value-first" since the main reason why designers exist is to bring value to the products, businesses, and users by leveraging the design approach. So prioritize creating values can help me make right design decisions.

I specialize in
Interaction Design
Visual Design
User Research
Design Strategy
Rapid Prototype
Information Architecture
Motion Design
I speak

🇹🇼 Chinese (Mandarin)

Native Speaker

🇺🇸 English

Full Working Proficiency

🇯🇵 Japanese

Just a little bit

Software I love the most

I mainly use Figma for designing anything and exploring new ideas, ProtoPie for creating hi-fi interactive prototype, Webflow for building high-quality websites(and of course this portfolio!), Notion for anything related to the content, even project management and life planning. I also use many other tools to make my design process & communication more efficient.

My design process

Understand & Define

User research


Ideate & Explore



Design & Build

Visual/UI Design
Hi-fi prototype


Test & Validate

Usability test
A/B testing


I worked closely with Product Manager to identify the core problems and goals in the first place,  then collaborated with cross-function UX folks like Content Strategist, Design Technologist, UX Engineer to come up with the optimal solutions.

Working experience

Canva | Sydney, Australia

Lead Product Designer

2022 Mar - Present

Leading the end-to-end product experience for Canva Docs.

TimelyHero| Tokyo, Japan(Remote)

Lead Product Designer

2021 Nov - Present

Planned product strategy and vision, designed MVP version, and hand-crafted the first design system and component library to improve development efficiency. Worked closely with the founder and engineers to clarify the requirements and specifications.  Led design team to propose solutions that solve the user problems.

Indeed | Tokyo, Japan

Senior UX Designer

2018 Apr - 2022 Feb

Dedicated to Indeed Japan job seeker experience, providing design solutions to make the entire job search process seamless. I focused on searching & filtering experience, the application process, first-time experience(homepage), native app concept and a bunch of UX improvements to the existing products.

SWAP | Taipei, Taiwan(Remote)

Lead Product Designer(Advisory)

2020 Oct - 2021 Oct

I delivered a product design strategy and helped to launch MVP. And I’ve defined the first design system and component library, established a collaboration process between engineering & design to improve efficiency. I was also mentoring three design interns to successfully ship the given projects.

Odigo | Tokyo, Japan

Senior UI/UX Designer

2017 Jul - 2018 Jan

The mission of Odigo is to help people plan their trip easily and effectively. As a UX/UI designer at Odigo, I was in charge of building the best user experience for the primary product includes website & app(iOS&Android).

Before I moved to Tokyo, I also worked for few small startups and have been a freelance designer for about a year in Taiwan. To know more detail of my previous working experiences, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I highly engaged with community

When I was in Taiwan, I actively participated in UX design meetups, conferences as well as being a guest speaker. It’s always great to have a connection with people who have similar interests and passionate about UX design. I like to talk to people from different companies, and I learned a lot about how they approach the problems through design from various perspectives.

I'm mentoring at

I help next generation designers to grow faster 💪

I'd love to share with you my design story, provide feedback to your portfolio, help you to prepare for your interviews, and suggest what can you try for your next moves & career. Feel free to book a session according to my availability.
Looking forward to chatting with you :)

I love writing and sharing

I love to convert my design thinking and experiences into the digestible content to share with more people, this is also a good way to reflect myself on what I’ve learned from the projects I’ve worked on. In the past 5 years, I've been writing more than 50 articles that accumulated more than 60,00 readers follow me on Medium.







What I've achieved

Product design & Figma online course


2020 Dec - Present

I teach product design & Figma in this course to help people who are interested in learning product design. This course covers UI/UX fundamental & practical design skill, students start from learning Figma basic then gradually dive into building a real product from 0-1.

Check Course

Medium Publication - AAPD (As A Product Designer)

Founder & Writer & Curator

2017 Jan - Present

AAPD is an online publication that is dedicated to curating high-quality design-related content from talented designers. We are sharing various inspirations of design to help designers grow faster. We also organized a bunch of offline design event in Taiwan.

Check Publication

Sketch/UI Fundamental Online Course


2017 - 2019

This course is about Sketch and UI fundamental, it has been running for 3 years and has 1000+ enrolled student so far. I started this online course from scratch which includes structuring content, video recording & editing, review the design homework for students.

LTUX | UIUX Taipei | HPX | AdobeXD Meetup


2017 - 2019

Given talks for a various design communities in Taiwan. The topics covered my personal thought of design, self-taught experience, workflow, design career, practical UX case study and collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Check more slides
The quote I like
Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

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